About David Cycleback

david_cycleback_1David Cycleback is an internationally known art and artifacts scholar working in the areas of authenticity, theoretical cognitive science and philosophy.  He was runner-up for the International Book Award for Philosophy for Noise Music: Cognitive Psychology, Aesthetics and Epistemology and a three time Eric Hoffer Award Finalist.  Reprinted by China’s National Photographic Art Publishing House, his guides Judging the Authenticity of Prints by the Masters and Judging the Authenticity of Photographs were the first comprehensive books on the subjects published in China, and Art Perception is one of the four books students are recommended to study in preparation for India’s National Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED) for postgraduate studies in technical design.   He has advised and authenticated artifacts for major institutions, was a writer for Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Photography, and has been cited by the Australian National Archives, Museum of Innovation and Science, Indiana Historical Society, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Saylor Academy and Encyclopedia of Journalism.

David’s books at Amazon.com

email: cycleback (at) cycleback (dot) com
Center for Artifact Studies


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